"an ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure"


for your pet

Much of what is done in the vet office can be done in your home. Most of my patients are extremely happy to see me (or the treats that I bring). There is so much less stress.

IMAGINE! No unnecessary exposure to sick pets!  No struggling to get all your pets into the car!

I have arrived to see them and they know it! The person holding them, during the exam, is you! (unless you need assistance to hold your pet. You can arrange for a family member or friend, or let me know in advance, and I will bring an assistant.)

Our visit is unhurried, but efficient.

So, what can I do in your home?

  • vaccines with general exam
  • heartworm/lyme tests
  • examinations of skin, ears, eyes, mouth, heart, joints
  •  diagnostic exam if unwell 
  • blood tests (Wellness/diagnostic) 
  • parasite prevention

  • discussions on
  1. healthy environment
  2. behaviour
  3. balanced nutritional food
  • microchip    and MUCH MORE
   Medication is usually dispensed
 at time of the housecall, 
unless we need  a special order

Every cat wants a housecall

stress free

spending time to discuss your concerns before the examination begins, 
 helps maintain a calm pet

multiple special pets
one special pet

Of course, there are times when we all must go to a hospital for 
I.V. Fluids & some R&R, 
Ultra sound imaging,
or a day-time Emergency.

I am very fortunate to have an agreement with Dr Ginni Demine
 to use her 
top-notch hospital,
(on Front Street)
and her excellent staff and facility,
 your pet and I
will be treated like family

I can take your pet or meet you there.