• Scarce are the days now that a pet has to be put to sleep (euthanized) due to pain.

  • We have such remarkable pain-relief medications now, many of which can be added when the first step is no longer enough.
  • There are many aspects of pain that can be addressed; not only "pain pills".

  • Gone are the days when the only pain relief we had to give was aspirin (not a safe medication for dogs or cats).


  • do not assume that because your pet does not groan or whimper that they are not in pain. Most seniors have some degree of degenerative joint disease  which responds very well to some canine NSAIDS.
  • There is now a score chart available to owners to assess their own pet's degree of pain.
  • eg. does your cat need a chair to jump up to a higher spot or jump down?
  • is your cat missing the litter box?
  • does your dog need help to jump into car, now?

  • YES, they are older, but maybe their movement is restricted by pain!!