REALLY?!?WHY???? We have evolved as far as what we can eat, and so have our pets. After decades, or even centuries  of breeding,what the digestive system of a wild canidae can absorb is very different from that of a domesticated dog.  WHY, would anyone want to feed their dog or cat RAW food, when we are being cautioned to make sure our hamburgers are cooked all the way through? Why, when we live in Canada, would you think that all the bugs are killed by freezing? I mean, we see them all crawl out of the ground every spring, right??  Why do you think that the intestinal tract of a DOMESTICATED animal, would be able to process raw food? Puppies and kittens have to be dewormed at 4,6 and 8 weeks of age. WHY? because of the parasite eggs are in Mama's milk if she wasn't dewormed. (This is why we drink pasteurized  milk!) Parasites can make their way through a body and find all kinds of places to live. It is called larvae migrans.

If you feed your pet RAW food, you must have that pet on a very strict deworming schedule. Simply doing a fecal exam is not enough, because that will not inform you of any larvae migrans. I would rather just feed my pets cooked food, and not add insult to injury with the huge amount of deworming that would be needed due to raw food intake.

PLUS you must be very careful for yourself in the handling of the meat and all the utensils and bowls that touch it. 

My experience with RAW food catastophe occurred very early in my veterinary career. I was called out to see a prize bitch that was 2 weeks from whelping  and she had a problem. She could not stay still. She could not eat. All she did was walk in circles. She was sent to the Ontario Veterinary College to be kept alive until it was safe to remove her pups. On necropsy, larvae were identified in all her organs, including the brain, and even in 1 pup.